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11/22/2009 00:36

PROS: Accepts credit cards and echecks, offers fourteen days refund policy and 6-month warranty for their replica watches. They give substantial discounts for bulk orders as well as frequent promotions and gifts. If their watches get the same attention to detail as their site, then you will get a top notch immitation watch  .

CONS: Prices are above average, especially for their Swiss replica watches. There is a restocking fee (unclear for what kind of situations)

Pictures: look like high quality replicas.

Domain registered: USA

Customer Service: answers phonecalls, have working live chat and reply to email within 10 hours.

Secured shopping cart: Yes.

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Summary: This site was copied by many other replica sites. What can I say... if people copy you, it means you're doing something right :)



Date 08/24/2012

By mick

Subject shit service

my watch came and it was broken and when i said i want a new one they said ok send it back with your money wich it was 41euros, what kind of service is that!!! it was there fault and i had to pay, dont anyone buy from them, i think they do it on purpose

Date 06/21/2012

By Correy

Subject Submariner

I just got a Rolex Submariner and it's perfect - if I didn't know for a fact it was a replica I would never believe it. The booklet and box are all there too. Gonna buy here again!

Date 05/31/2012

By neil

Subject ref brietling

hi i ordered brietling which they said was out of stock so i gave them five more choices so they would tell me what they had in stock but they only seemed to have one out of the five so know i am choosing a watch which was not my first or even second choice it arrived this week four weeks later seems ok but time will tell excuse pun the box which was a free gift was there but no pin kit which was offered also no booklet which would have been good to unreliable wouldnt risk it again your choice tho

Date 05/21/2012

By Marcus

Subject Good stuff

Had a way better luck with this site than with other replica sites. Half the time you can barely get a hold of the company. these guys were on it from day one, and the watch rules. I got the hottest Panerai in the hood and mine's not real!

Date 04/17/2012

By Trevor.T

Subject Perfect Watches.

The people complaining about perfect watches here are almost certainly working for competing sites. I have been ordering from this site for years now, and I've never had a single bad experience. I have a dozen of their watches, and they're the best in the business.

Date 04/14/2012

By John Flynn

Subject Impeccable Patek Philippe

I have never seen a more beautiful replica than the Patek Philippe Calatrava I purchased here. I was hesitant of course to spend the extra money for a Swiss model, but it's absolutely impeccable. would be very surprised to see a bad watch from these guys considering the quality of this one.

Date 03/03/2012

By Demi

Subject positive experience

This website is absolutely amazing, I love the fact that they have a great costumer service, helped me throughout the process, and the order was on time. The watch I ordered is of great quality too, which is another big plus for these guys. I will definitely come back soon.

Date 01/27/2012

By Dan

Subject or .info or what ever other ending they can find!



I got one sent to the UK, it was faulty, I sent it back and got a replacement that was faulty again! I requested a refund and was told to literally 'do one'. The company is based in China with VERY poor replicas. All the reviews you see are written by them!

Seriously, do not buy from them! it is a scam and they are in China which means you cannot do anything about it!!!


Date 01/19/2012

By Dave

Subject Tag Mercedes SLR commemorative watch

It took sometime to get, but all went on the up and up and it did arrive. The watch is perfect and very, very close to the original, because I bought and returned the original because the price went up $1000! This one makes me happy about this purchase. I have now ordered 3 more watches, 1 Swiss and 2 Japanese. The jury is out on the Japanese.

Date 01/17/2012

By Matthew

Subject Shipping

Also, for those of you complaining about shipping hold your panties on. First off, the order is coming from CHINA!!! It's not a quick process and has to clear customs, etc. Second of all, they don't take Mastercard and some other forms of credit (not necessarily YOUR credit card, but Mastercard in particular). They aren't scamming you out of using your credit card, they simply don't take Mastercard. If you try to buy from some websites that sell Rx without the Rx, for example, they also don't take Mastercard either. It must be something with overseas transaction fees or something. But I used my Visa credit (not debit) card and I have had zero issues. Although I used my bank account for a draft on the first purchase I made and had zero issues then, either, even though my wife was hesitant to give them our account number.


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