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11/21/2009 22:22

PROS: Accept credit cards, pictures of actual watches.

CONS: Only 30 days warranty, which is way below average guarantees offered by replica watches sites. No possibility for refund! They charge 27$ for shipping when it cost them 20$ (this is not a good business)

Pictures somewhat puzzling, some of their replica watches pics show 10:10, which is a big No-No (because they are stolen from Rolex catalogue)! Some pictures look good and others have poor quality.

Domain registered in Port Victoria, capital city of the Republic of Seychelles (small African country)

Associated with www.swissreplicastore.com, www.exactwatches.com, www.replicas99.com, www.replicawatchescentral.com, www.qualitydeal-watches.com, www.ireplicastore.com, www.lifetimereplicas.com, www.ezreplica.com, www.discountwatch.com.cn, www.replicaok.net

Customer Service answer to phone calls and replies to email within 48 hours.

Secured shopping cart - No.

Rating: (out of 5 - not recommended)

 I'm always weary of replica watches online dealers that run network of multiple sites. What bothers me the most is the fact that these guys sell same watches for different prices on different sites. It might be also a network of scammers who sell low quality replica rolex watches from their "first line" sites until they got shut down, then they move on to "second line" sites and continue to rip people off.


Topic: www.lookrichforless.com

Date 11/20/2011

By Ken Fidler

Subject Rolex Yachtmaster

Stained gold plating, will not keep time, JUNK!!!

Date 09/02/2011

By David

Subject Diplorable service

I ordered a watch back in May which arrived broken. They have not sent me a replacement and not returned my money it is a scam, please do not waste your money folks!

Date 07/10/2011

By Hamid Chang shu

Subject Stealing

I ordered two watches from this people. They promptly charged my credit card and took the money for two watches but sent me only one and they do not answer my emails and do not refund me.
Beware of this site and do not give them your money. They are simply thieves.

Date 01/20/2011

By Kay

Subject SCAM

I received my watch, but the clasp is so long that it's wider than the width of my wrist!! I don't understand how they can sell watches with such clasps for ladies! How will they ever be able to wear them. I tried contacted them several occassions, doesn't look like I'm going to get a response.


Date 04/06/2010

By Roberto Honer

Subject lookrichforless rip off artists!

Do Not Buy from them, LookRichForLess.com is a ripoff!

I bought Rolex Submariner from them, but when it arrives, it did not work and try to contact them so many times to no avail.

Buy Seiko, real thing, works just like Rolex, even better!

Date 03/09/2010

By Anthony


DO not buy from them I have been waiting over a month for my watch and they will not answer or return my calls. DO not give them you money, they are just going to steal it!

Date 12/07/2009

By Robert

Subject SCAM

Don't buy from this site, they don't stand by their warranty


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