Why People Shouldn't Buy Replicas

10/03/2011 17:01


A phenomenon that has gained a lot of popularity recently is buying replica watches and pretending that they are the real deal. This is quite interesting to see that people want something so bad that they are willing to settle for a copy, which sometimes, is not even as good a copy as you would expect. There are a few reasons why people should avoid buying replicas because it can turn out to be a real waste of money.

One of the main things you hear about replicas is that they are Swiss. This, of course, is meant to establish a close relation to the original Swiss brands which offer high quality timepieces; made in the same country, has the same quality, moving past the obvious error. The truth is that all replica watches come from Asia, usually China, and they are mass produced with no concern for the amount of details and the resemblance to the original. Only very expensive imitations have Swiss made mechanism.

This leads us to our second replica myth; that it looks so much that same that it will even fool a collector or a dealer. Granted, there are some replicas that look pretty much the same and it may be hard to notice the differences with an untrained eye but they are not even close to fooling someone with experience. Something that costs a few hundred dollars will never look exactly like something that costs a few thousand dollars. If you want the perfect design, be ready to pay the amount.

Buying an original luxury watch makes you part of a small group; big manufacturers offer exclusivity to their clients and you can be sure that you won’t see too many people with the same watch when you are walking down the street. Watches nowadays are a real status symbol; think about what kind of a status you have when you choose to buy a cheap imitation of something great.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t buy a replica watch because it is not an original. Every replica has imperfections if you compare it to the real thing and the value of the item is very different. Some luxury watches have increased resale value over time and they can become priceless over the years; replica watches on the other hand are used for a short period and then discarded without a second thought. The feel you get from wearing an original luxury watch is special and it can’t be obtained by wearing a fake!

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