When Shopping for Replica Watch

12/11/2009 23:22

These are the things you should pay attention to when shopping for a replica watch:

1) Pay close attention to detailed pictures on the site. If they show 10:10 it means that the dealer took them from genuine watches catalogue. If he claims to sell quality watches he should at least show how good his replica watches look! If the site owner doesn't bother to put actual pictures of his replica watches for you to see, purchasing from him will be like buying a pig in a poke.

2) Check out the available payment options: if credit card payment is one of them, you can be sure that the dealer won't run away with your hard earned money and will stand by his warranty. Guess what, you can call your credit card company and if you prove that you've been ripped off - they will get your money back. Do not, do not, DO NOT pay by COD (cash on delivery). Some replica sites will try to convince you to use this method. "You pay only after examining your Rolex replica" and "No need to give your credit card info" they say. Let me draw you a little scenario - after receiving and paying for your replica watch it may encounter quite a few problems: water getting in, loosing time, button fell off... Now you have to hope that the dealer that has cashed your check and spent the money will put some effort in to fixing your watch!

3) Be sure you visit the retailer's warranty and return policy page. Trustworthy Rolex replica dealers will always have at list a seven day money back guarantee policy if you're not satisfied and a six month warranty for the watch mechanism.

4) Contact customer service. See how easily you can communicate with the site's support. Call them, send an email, and try live chat (if they have one). If you cannot get through fast enough, move on to another replica site. They are a dime a dozen these days :) My advice is - if they don't have a customer service phone number don't buy there.

5) Test if this replica site respects your private information. Go to checkout page and see if it is SSL encrypted. Secured page link starts with https:// as against http:// for unsecured shopping cart. Here is example:



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