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02/06/2010 14:48

PROS: This is one of the oldest replica selling sites on the Internet featuring vast collection of replica watches. Accept credit cards.

CONS: The prices are almost double than average. claims that their Swiss replica watches are (quote) 100% exact make, which is just not possible. I bet this overstatement brought them many unsatisfied customers that where hoping to buy 100% replica. If you want 100% you should buy genuine watch. Customers that buy replicas should be ready for minor dissimilarity. Biggest drawback of this site is lack of actual pictures. Every picture is taken from genuine watches catalogue. Guarantee page announces: "NO refunds on any of our merchandise, but exchange may be possible with acceptable reason(s)". Correct me if I'm wrong, but acceptable reasons is extremely loose concept.

Pictures are not authentic replicas, but stolen from genuine watches catalogues.

Domain registered in Hong-Kong on 2000.

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Customer Service provides only email support, no phone number or live chat is available.

Secured shopping cart - Yes.

Rating: (out of 5 - recommended)

Summary: Although there are many shortages - lack of pictures, contact phone number or possibility for refund to name a few, I still recommend to buy from this site for the sheer reason of him being SO LONG on the market. It's not one of those pop-up sites that will slip into obscurity in no time.



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