03/27/2012 12:11

On 5 March 2012, I ordered one pc. of Patek Philippe model No. 3940J from website, i have paid the money and they confirmed their order as follows:-
order number: wt9No. 21236
nameTay XX
address XX
model:Patek Philippe 3940, Ref. 3940J-014 Watch Description(automatic)
But last week, i have received their item as per photo below
The item they sent was totally different from the photo on web site, what i ordered is leather
strap full gold casing, but they sent is stainless steel bracelet and half gold casing.
I have complaint to them, but they just ignore what i said.
According to their web site , they have 7 days Satisfaction guarantee protection and can be returned.
Ben Tay


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