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07/22/2011 17:00

 It’s very hard to say something positive about this website. The prices are alarmingly low. To maintain margin of profit watchbeef must have reduced quality, customer service, post-sale service and warranty.

Pictures: They didn’t even bother to put catalogue pictures of genuine watches. Instead they post pictures from authentic brands advertisement.

Domain registered: 2011 in China

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Customer Service: email and chat.

Secured shopping cart: No.

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Date 09/27/2011

By Hoolie

Subject Repica Breitling

Same - watch sent not close to what was pictured - and valued way less than what I pay. Said that the will resolve - sent phots and no reply.

Check refund policy - no adress given for returns!!

I know they are replicas but FALSE ADVERTISING!! Scam none the less - STAY AWAY!

Date 09/22/2011

By matthew

Subject replica tag huer

didnt even get watch on wrist before band came off.payed to get fixed in watch repair shop.first day on wrist lens clogged up,time keeps not working.when i repled to customer service telling them i am sending watch back even though it cost 30.oo, they replied with ,"pick new watch from sight and we will only charge thirty for shipping.,.no thanks ,watch is not wort ten bucks.

Date 08/28/2011

By Daya P.Samaraweera

Subject Replica Watches

I was about to purchase a Replica Omega Watch and I was attracted to the Prices the watches were offered at and the quality description. However before placing my order I was checking further, as I felt that something is not right.

Date 07/22/2011

By César

Subject Scam

Placed my order, they claim they did not have the model, offered another one, then they did not have it either. When I claimed to be refunded, no more reply.


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