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10/21/2010 13:47

PROS: The company offers a very wide selection of brands. The products available for sale are Asian and Swiss replica watches, replica pens, boxes and replica phones.  There is a flat shipping fee for all the countries, regardless of the quantity you buy.  User friendly website with an extremely basic structure.


CONS: The prices are lower than average, but due to the low quality pictures displayed online you are to believe that this is just a sign of the poor quality of the products. There are no detailed descriptions on the Asian watches. Only the diameter and the movement type are listed, but there are no further details about the internal mechanism and number of jewels. It doesn’t say what sort of materials are used on the watches and if they are water resistant. Only the Swiss watches have a detailed description.


The company’s policy is not listed on the website, there are also no details regarding the warranty or return policy.

There are numerous English mistakes on the website which suggest that any communications with the company may be considerably difficult due to their incapacity to respond in a comprehensible and coherent manner.

Pictures The photos displayed on the website are of poor quality and you can not see the details or different angles of the watches clearly. By looking at the pictures you cannot really tell if quality of the products is good, so probably there is nothing to show.


Domain registered China

Associated with:,,,

Customer Service - The only contact information available is the email address which is actually a Gmail account and not a regular business email. Reliable and serious companies use a business email with the company’s domain name associated. There is no phone number or chat option displayed.

Secured shopping cart - No.

The shopping cart is not secure and the order is placed  before the payment is actually made. Once the order is submitted the Internet page will load the order number and display the payment options which are: Visa, Mastercard and Bank Transfer.

The second and last payment option is a bank transfer to a name and address from Hong Kong. Not a very secure and convenient way of buying products online! You are advised to contact the sales department after the bank transfer is completed. Until that point you are probably supposed to trust the website and send the money to an unknown receiver.

 Rating:  (out of 5 - not recommended)

The website does not offer any security or guarantees for the online buyer and the lack of information regarding the after sales services and company’s policies only make it clearer that once you purchased the product the  transaction was closed. The company doesn’t have any concerns regarding the satisfaction of their customers.


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Date 02/13/2012

By William

Subject tickwatches

pages contain combined information gathered by searching several sources.
Navigate between the pages by clicking on the tabs above.

Date 12/11/2011

By Indigo

Subject Watch88

Used watch88 a number of times, all watches have excellent build quality and look well detailed. I have 5 of their Asian mechanism watches now and couldn't be happier. A friend bought a Breitling replica that failed, he emailed them and was asked to return it. It was fixed and back in under 2 weeks. I would use them again.

Date 11/29/2011

By Geraldo

Subject 88 junk

band lasted less than a day. It was a joke and a waste of 80 bucks

Date 05/16/2011

By E williamson

Subject Above comment

I take that back, after turning the dial on the side as recommended by the company, the watch is working perfectly. However, stupidly, i jumped in the swimming pool wearing it and it is now condensated, I would recommend this site to anyone looking for a good watch.

Date 05/12/2011

By Bavsta

Subject You Lot

if you want a decent watch then go buy a real rolex not a fake.

if you want to look rich for less, then dont complain.

other wise my say is what you see is what you get

Date 05/12/2011

By Benny

Subject Re: You Lot

I agree with you Sir/Madam...why spend $6000 for a Rolex when you get a replica for $75.

deal with it and do one other...

Date 04/21/2011

By E Williamson

Subject Faulty watch

I took the plunge and bought an asian replica watch from
The watch looks fantastic, it is really detailed. The only problem is that when the second hand gets to 10 seconds, it sticks, it needs a shake to get it going again.

Date 04/02/2011

By roberto


posso avere descrizione in italiano del mod. rolex submariner mens watc-16610 e metodo di pagamento ed vostro invio dell'oggetto. grazie


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