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11/10/2009 13:44

PROS: Accept credit cards, offer possibility for refund, there is warranty for their replica watches, but they don't say for what time frame. I love zoom feature on their detailed page.

CONS: Prices are 60% higher than average, you can find same quality Omega replica watches for lower price. They even sell Breitling replica with quartz movement  and mineral crystal glass for 199$. This is just too much! This site is dripping with positive testimonials but there is no way to write new one.

Pictures look high quality replicas. You can tell it's their own replica watches pictures.

Domain registered USA

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Customer Service There is no contact phone number and chat support. Replies to email within one day.

Secured shopping cart - Yes.

Rating: (out of 5 - not recommended)

 I did recommend this site previously because it has all the right features. Few days ago I received an email from customer:
I'am emailing  you  the event that you may be able to help. I read your " Recommended sites" page  and then bought a Breitling watch from   Watch -replica. net  Model #  BT218, order number 2477842695  0n the 20th FEB 2011. The problem is I have not heard from them since. I paid By Visa on the Verified site. I have not received no an email confirming the order. And since the purchase I have sent 4 emails and had no replies. They give an order'    tracking site'    which shows the order but no shipping details,  they have email address to check on shipping but it's an invalid email address.
Guys, I feel this is a bogus site and I have Lost my $199.
If you have any imput or can be of assistance I would appreciate it.
Geoff D.

I checked on the website and there is indeed his order number, placed on February 20th, but no tracking number for it. I tried to contact and even (they have same phone number). No reply. After several conversations with answering machine I gave up. It's a good thing that this customer paid with credit card, so he can get refund from VISA, however I don't recommend to buy from this site anymore.



Date 03/24/2011

By keith

Subject watch exchange

got the wrong size watch tried to contact never got a response to exchange the watch will never use them again

Date 09/24/2010

By mark


I want to buy a watch on the website and I just want to know if I will receive my product...

Date 09/10/2010

By Asis

Subject Watch Replica

I also ordered an IWC there 3 Weeks ago and never received it until today :-(

Date 08/11/2010

By lynn

Subject is this co a scam

i had ordered a watch from here but never rec'd a confirmation email and was unable to contact the company either via phone or email. I'm overly cautious as i just had a fraud on a credit card so when i searched this company and saw several scam reports, I cancelled the order and the credit card. Maybe i was hasty but just find it strange that there is no way to contact this company and the phone message doesn't even say the company name, just we are unavailable at this time??? I wish i could have gotten the watch but just too leary of fraud now that we have had it once. I won't order anything like this unless they accept paypal.

Date 08/02/2010

By Victor

Subject Watch replica

I ordered a Breitling watch and it arrived in a cheap but nice box. The delivery time was about two and a half weeks. The watch is superb. Very heavy and it looks awesome, just like the original. No problems at all. Does not look like a cheap fake. I've gotten several complements on it already. Have had it for a few months. Nothing bad to say other than the lengthy delivery time.


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