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08/30/2010 13:39

PROS: Accept credit cards, offers refund and replacement policy.

CONS: This site is mirror copy of replica scam site - Too many times I see this rip off scheme! Replica watches dealer sets up a dozen of similar sites and promotes them one at a time. Each site stays at top search engine positions for couple of month - enough time to sell thousands of low quality replica watches to thousands unfortunate customers. When the time is up, this played out site is being thrown to garbage (not promoted anymore) and slowly disappear. New site is heavily promoted and takes it place. All text content is the same, just site design is changed a little bit, so unsuspecting visitors won't be able to tell that it's same old rip off. You see, like any other business, replica site is growing on returning satisfied customers, so the longer site stays on first page of search results, the better are sales.  If site drops in search position it means that owner doesn't promote it anymore. It's not that this replica dealer went out of business. You can see "sister" site taking the place of old one. The problem is that first site doesn't have repeat customers. All it has is complains that keep piling up.

Pictures - Beautiful Rolex catalogue pictures, not even one of their own detailed pics. The funniest thing is that they are watermarked with other website name (not

Domain registered in CHINA on 2008.

Associated with,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Customer Service - replies to email in 24 hours. No contact phone.

Secured shopping cart - No.

Rating:  (out of 5 - not recommended)

Summary: These scam sites create bad name for whole replica watches industry.




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