Swwatch.com Review (Site Closed)

02/15/2011 21:28

PROS: Accept Visa and Master Card. The site offers a variety of specialty brand replica watches.

CONS:  Prices are relatively high for the quality of the replica products. Most photos are not the real product, but image scans from the authentic manufacturer. Those photos which are of replicas sometimes show major flaws. An example is this Rolex Daytona: 

You’re probably aware that the bezel on the Daytona doesn’t rotate, so this one is way off! The site’s warranty is very weak, only 30 days. Most similar sites offer 6 months on Japanese watches and 12 months for Swiss replica watches. Searching for the return policy on the site was difficult. In fact, there is not a return policy on the site, but I did find this blurb on the guarantee page: We also add that our I-shop does not accept returns.

Pictures: Almost all of the photos are scanned images from authentic watch catalogs, and not the real products offered.

Domain registered: in Talin, Estonia.

Associated with:  orologiorologi.com

Customer Service: The site offers email support, a US phone number, and live chat in three languages.  

Secured shopping cart: No.


Summary: This site is better than some, but still cannot recommend purchasing a designer replica watch from them. Many of the photographs do not depict the actual product that is being sold. Some of the photos of their actual replicas are low quality fakes with major flaws that were not noticed by the company. The extremely short 30 day warranty period is the nail in the coffin—they must not have much faith in their product.



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