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08/20/2010 15:45

 This new site is nowhere near top google results for replica related keywords, so I wouldn't review it if not one curious customer's email. Every day I get tens of emails from replica buyers asking for advice or complaining about dishonest replica online dealers. I do my best to reply to all of you, unfortunately it's just not possible. Interesting cases like this one I will post on site.

As I said, I've got an email from customer asking about, the interesting part is that this site claims to send replica watches from Chicago, Illinois; even posted legitimate office address in Chicago. Well, this is what I found out:


1) This is relatively new site, registered 1 year ago.

2) If you're not satisfied with the watch and send it back for refund, you have to pay 20% restocking fee.

3) Their collection is very poor (approximately 30 models and some of them already out of stock), that's why they have "gold watches" and "leather watches" categories, to create illusion that they have bigger collection.

4) ALL replica watches are produced in China. These guys probably brought few replicas to USA and ship them from Chicago to make customers to believe that the watches are manufactured in USA. Shipping from Chicago gives them credibility, but it doesn't make their watches better :)

5) This is 5, but actually should be first :) To answer you question are they really in Chicago - I don't know, but probably they are not.

Check out this link: offers VIRTUAL office in Chicago, so you can put USA address on your site. Servcorp will answer to correspondence and phone calls, thus customers will believe that your office is in Chicago, while your office can be anywhere is the world. And surprise-surprise, this virtual office address is exactly address stated on contact us page. 

300 North LaSalle Street

Suite 4925 49th floor
Chicago IL 60654


Now, if they would really be in Chicago they wouldn't need this virtual office address.

Piece of advice to site owner: don't try to lie and deceive customers. Small lie can tamper whole impression about your replica store. 


Topic: Review

Date 03/22/2012

By Thomas Verster

Subject Swiss Replica Watches

I purchsed an Omega Seamaster replica from and the Jeweller adjusting the band confirmed that the watch had a genuine ETA swiss movement.

The representations by the company as to quality were entirely accurate and I use it as a divers watch.

Sadly the watch-band was not constructed to the same standard and had to be replaced with an appropriate divers band after a year of use.

Date 08/18/2011

By Josefina


The company registered at is a sham. This group of shadey folks sell you product that is essentially shit wrapped in shiny foil. Never buy from them... EVER. Choose another replica site and save yourself a lot of heartache. They don't honor their warranty and customer service is a joke.

Date 07/14/2011

By Keith McKenzie

Subject Rolex Replicas

I have purchased three Rolex replicas through the years but never got more than 6 months use out of any of them. If you want a watch that looks like a Rolex but will last for years and take a beating go with Invicta. If you get a good one it will last, but if you don't, all bets are off. I own 20 invictas. I have had good success, but my next one could be a lemon. Kind of like buying a car isn't it?

Date 01/23/2011

By Arb

Subject Fraud

This site is a scam. BE CAREFUL! I BOUGHT A WATCH FOR 500 DOLLARS EDHE THEY CHARGED ME 606.83. It was a bomb to me. I called the bank and I got my money back, however NOT from the company but from my bank. They have not issued a refund yet. They insisted that the amount was not 606.83 but even my personal banker told me that was ridiculous. I already reported them to the business beauro and i advice you do the same. These guys are scammers. Be careful!

Date 01/05/2011

By john tieken

Subject bad buy

I would like to say im disseminated with the quality and service. i bought a sea master and the clasp broke after a week still waiting for a new one its been almost 4 weeks waiting so i went and bought a real Raymond weil nobbuco.. the second watch a Rolex mens time and date i got for a friend fell apart at the links in the band after two weeks.. still waiting for a return call after three messages and 3 emails..this is the worst purchase of my life,,$1000 dollar for nothing..,very disappointed

Date 12/15/2010

By DrS

Subject dodgey

My best advice is to ask them what type of movements all the watches are. I highly doubt any of them are exact Swiss replicas. Even the best and most high quality replicas are made of Japanese or Chinese movement.

Very few companies do genuine swiss replicas and even these cost around the USD$500 to USD$1200 mark. All replicas are made from 316L stainless steel and are based on an A21J movement. Ask them for a direct photo of the swiss movement.

Date 07/27/2011


Subject Re: dodgey

No, the best replica are real ETA, and there are many replica with the real ETA movements. Swatch owns ETA, and they flooded the market with ETA movements, simply they sold to everyone and anyone at low prices for mass quantities. So the Chinese purchased hundreds of thousands of these, they still offer their miyota and seagull movements(eta knock off). Asking for a picture does not mean they will send you whats in the picture. My suggestion is only purchase from word of mouth dealers. The site being talked about here is not a very well put together site, so that should give some insight, and also a limited inventory means a limited company cash flow, if they don't have the cash to purchase a large inventory and produce a nice site, well they don't have the money to purchase quality products. Guys, if you are spending $500 or more on a fake, then spend $1000 and buy a real Rolex SS datejust in Used condition, roughly 20 years old....they look just like the more current model and they hold their value. Most pawn brokers with sell older models for anywhere from $850-$1500...just be sure and check the model numbers and manufacturing date, that's listed in the serial number on the case between the lugs in the 12 o'clock position, the manufacture dates are on the internet.

Date 11/29/2010

By Ben

Subject Info from live chat

So I had a live chat with Jane Smith, the live representative...

*She said that they are based out of Australia, their affiliate website is
*She assured me that the watches are 100% assembled in Switzerland
*They are 100% not Chinese replicas
*That they have the most accurate replicas (down to the weight) and have the best return policy in the business

Seems too good to be true- any comments?


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