09/15/2011 17:42

I had purchased a watch for almost $400 from this company.

I received the watch only to find I was sent a men’s watch and a damaged one at that.

I attempted to contact the company by email 2 days later (May 30) reporting the issues with the product.  In this email, I provided them with pictures of the watch and asked for a replacement.

Again, I sent emails on the 30th, 31st of May and again, June 1st.  I received a response from them June 1st and then absolutely nothing after that.  I finally wrote again on August 24th and to date, no response.  I called the customer service number, left a message and still, no one has gotten back to me.

I have never had the opportunity to even wear this watch I spent almost $400 for.

This company is a rip off.  I urge no one EVER deal with them.  I am a professional person who, ironically, deals in the field of ethics.  Trust me, not them.  I am out $400 and still have NO watch to wear.  Help put this company out of business.

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