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07/04/2011 13:54

PROS: Accept Visa and Master Card. Prices are not high, assuming they sell replica watches.

CONS:  There is no return or refund policy. You came to this site to buy some imitation watches? Well, in this case you landed on the wrong website. Here is an excerpt from ABOUT US page:

What Are Our Guarantees?

1. All items showcased on our site are 100% original brand names. We only carry genuine luxury watches. Absolutely NO FAKES or REPLICAS.

2. We are only a distributor of genuine luxury watches. We work in partnership with those brand name officials and have been authorized to sell their products at incredibly discounted prices! So we can guarantee your 100% satisfaction & 100% low price.

So why you do guys lay yourself out so will appear in Google results when I search for fake watches?

Pictures: Only genuine watches catalogue pictures.

Domain registered: 2010 in China.

Associated with:,

Customer Service: Email and live chat support

Secured shopping cart: No.

Rating: (not recommended)

Summary: If they sell replica watches – they are liars because they claim their watches are genuine. If they sell genuine watches – they are liars because authentic watches can’t be so cheap. Either way, this retailer has no credibility. 


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