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10/14/2010 18:38

 PROS: Accept credit cards, offers 10 day refund policy, 12 month warranty for their Swiss replica watches. One of only a few fake Rolex sites that have a working guest book where customers can interrelate with each other. What I love about this site is their pictures and deals.

CONS: Description of some of the watches is extremely short, they claim that their fake watches have 100% correct markings and engravings. I never saw a 100% correct fake watch. No $350 watch will be able to completely imitate a $5000 watch. For this price it is just not possible.

Pictures: Look like high quality Swiss replicas. I like the close-ups: you can see every small detail of the watch.

Domain registered: in USA on 2005.

Associated with: swissexpert and

Customer Service: answer to phone calls; replies to email in 12 hours. Live chat is always on.

Secured shopping cart: Yes.

Rating:  (out of 5 - uncertain)

Summary: This site looks very well made and the company seems trustworthy because they sell Swiss replica watches since 2005. I didn't like the "100% similarity" overstatement, but overall I would recommend this site.


Topic: review

Date 12/25/2011

By G

Subject Test


Date 12/25/2011

By G

Subject Test


Date 10/12/2011

By Jeffrey

Subject Vacheron Constantin

I am very happy with my watch. Will recommend your site to all my friends.

Date 06/21/2011

By Henry

Subject SwissExpert VS Amatory

Hi, I'm confused as to how SwissExpert is associated to Amatory Store. Are both companies/websites the same but only different layout? Is there any difference in quality if I order from the two? I'm thinking of getting an IWC, Breitling, or Omega and any insight would be appreciated.

Date 06/21/2011

By Admin

Subject Re: SwissExpert VS Amatory

Sites association is solely my opinion, judging by prices, pictures, SCU's ...etc they might have same owner.
Seems to me that it's better you place your order from amatory-store, rather than swissexpert, because amatory has better customer's reviews.

Date 05/17/2011

By George

Subject ok

Took 11 days to receive my order, the watch seems to be good quality, looks like original and keep the correct time.

Date 04/25/2011

By Manolo

Subject Buy or not to buy?!.


Date 04/23/2011

By Ricardo Gtz

Subject Still wondering

Dear costumers, please post the follow-up on every complaint you write, because as stated by one of the persons here, are still waitting on the merchandise,but not follow-ups to really see the veracity of the company.. The company can reply, do they really have a follow-up on the client's complaint?. They state that merchandise is on its way, but as days goes by, nothing gets to be arranged..
To swissexpert, 1000 good sales are relentlessly erased, trashed, dummped, by one single bad sale, service or however you want to call it.
EMS is a service, as far as I know and because I've made purchases from ebay, belongs to China..So, Swiss or japanese Mechanism from china?...
Make still wonder if you are located in China and if you really have the Swiss mechanism in your products..
Why do not accept PayPal?..They protect me against fraud../..
All that, still make me wonder...
This site was very benevolent awarding you 4 stars after reading so many complaints.

Date 03/23/2011

By Peter

Subject nice

I've ordered and received the watch in US in about 5 days. It was quickly delivered and very well packed. The watch has a Swiss movement and it looks very nice. The band is a little big for my wrist, but I will remove two links to adjust it. Just like on the original one, the links are connected by screws so it will be very easy to take them out by myself. I have done this before with my other watches as I have a considerable small wrist.

Date 03/10/2011

By Chris

Subject Secure Credit Card

Hi Emma,

I was looking to buy 3 watches online the other day but was put off as the site didn't seem to be secure - I couldn't see https, a padlock etc. I emailed your sales team who advised me to use Western Union but I have been warned off that. Can you pls let me know what the best way to transact with you securely is. In this review it says you offer a secured shopping cart - how secure are the credit card transactions?


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