Swiss Replica Watches

11/22/2009 22:59
  • Mechanism: If accuracy and reliability for a long period of time is more important to you than $250 than you should go for a Swiss replica watch. These replicas are equipped with mechanisms made by ETA SA Manufacture Horlogere Suisse Company and are far superior to Japanese replica movements. It should be ETA 2892-2, 25 jewels for Submariner, GMT Master and YachtMaster replicas or ETA 7753 for Rolex Daytona Replica. Japanese replica watches have Asian made movement with a much shorter life expectancy and lower reliability.
  • Weight and feel: Due to the fact that Swiss replica watches are made of higher quality materials, the appearance and feel of this kind of replica is much closer to the original. The average person though, might not tell any difference even between Japanese replica and a genuine watch.
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