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10/12/2009 18:50

There are many replica review sites, unfortunately most of them show fake reviews. The purpose of this kind of sites is to lure simple-hearted customers to buy from their online replica shops. You can tell right from the start (right from the homepage) if replica review site is fake or for real. First thing that you will see when entering phoney reviews site will be their so called "recommended" sites. The trick is simple and it works. When online shop is telling you that it sells the best replica watches in the world you, as a customer, will still be wary. Recommendation from replica watches review site has much move value in the eyes of the buyer. Let me show you few examples of this kind of sites. These guys are just insatiable! Not only they have network of online replica shops they also created two fake review sites. Take a look on these screenshots.

As you can see these are two different replica review sites and by "incredible coincidence" both of them are been run by "small group of non-profit people"... furthermore there are striking similarities in a way they no longer sell replica watches because of legal constrains but still interested in these watches and last resemblance (on the same page) is too much to be a coincidence....

Don't take for granted everything you read and stay away from those fake review sites. 


Topic: Scam artists advises... fake reviews

Date 08/30/2011

By marco

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: what the fuck ? you're doin' exactly the same thing

what a nice educated maner of telling the first guy to go F(*& your self. but 7 months is a long time..

Date 01/18/2010

By matthew

Subject what the fuck ? you're doin' exactly the same thing

we're not fuckin idiots, and you try to make us believe that you bought a .COM JUST FOR REVIEWING FAKE WATCHES ?
What happens when we try to trace back the shit?
It happens that you paid a supplementary fee to make it untracable thanks to
and know what ? most of the websites you're advertising for are ranked as SCAMMERS all over the internet.
stupid fuck

Date 08/20/2010

By Admin

Subject Re: what the fuck ? you're doin' exactly the same thing

Yes, I bought .com just for reviews. I have enough money, so for me difference between .com and .info is insignificant.
I'm not Chinese, and you just show proof of stupidity by somehow sub estimating Chinese people. Keep in mind that they manufacture most of the clothes you wear, phones you carry and replica watches that you sell. Speaking of which - why are you so angry? One of your sites is not recommended by my reviews? Well, try harder, offer more service to customers...maybe then things will change!
The difference between my reviews and fake reviews site is that I DO NOT just tell people where to buy and where not because of "numerous customers complaints received". My reviews are based on concrete examples from each replica store, while theirs are based on some "fictional" complaints. Just because of those fake reviews I decided to to build this site. Each replica dealer put fake reviews out there, blowing it's own horn and making all other sites scamers. Google any replica site name and you will find scores of bad reviews, all because of those faked reviews. Thus for average customer there is no way of telling any difference between crooks like you and trusted replica dealers.
Besides, the fact that you could post this feedback here and on other reviews sites nobody can write comments (all their comments should pass their admins) shows that my reviews and customer complaints are real, while theirs (or yours) are edited!

Date 08/31/2010

By Ronie

Subject Re: Re: what the fuck ? you're doin' exactly the same thing

Why did it take you 7 months to reply to Matthew's post?

Date 09/28/2010

By Admin

Subject Re: Re: Re: what the fuck ? you're doin' exactly the same thing

He make me so nervous that it took me 7 month to calm down :)

Date 05/25/2011

By Andre

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: what the fuck ? you're doin' exactly the same thing

rofl :b

Nice articles man, in general.

Date 08/23/2011

By Hamed

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: what the fuck ? you're doin' exactly the same thing

What a great answer! I just laughed when I saw that! xD

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