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08/12/2010 16:18

PROS: Nothing besides accepting credit card payments.

CONS:  Quote from return policy: "We will make sure to compensate any possible defect of the watches, in case it is the manufacturer's fault. However, if the timepiece has been damaged intentionally or accidentally during delivering or wearing, this kind of damage will not be covered." It's a big challenge to prove if the watch was shipped broken or just broke during the delivery. This fake watches dealer offers only partial refund. Contact email address is a free Gmail account.

Pictures - Good quality, but not THEIR quality. Detailed pictures have different backgrounds - some are white, others black. When online shop makes pictures of the items all of them are made on the same fond color. Most probably they steal it from other replica site.

Domain registered in CHINA on 2010.

Associated with -,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Customer Service - Terrible. I sent several inquiry emails about sanwatches replicas and got an answer from them on third attempt. If this is their pre-sale customer care, I don't want to imagine how post-sale customers are been treated. 

Secured shopping cart - No.

Rating:  (out of 5 - don't buy) 

Summary: This site has all tell tale signs of scam. Don't get me wrong, you will (probably) get your watch, but it will be of the lowest possible quality. Don't expect for refund or replacement, though. For so low price, this replica dealer cannot afford it.



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