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10/25/2009 15:49

PROS: Accept credit cards, 30 days refund policy and extended 12 month guarantee.

CONS: These guys don't show real pictures of their watches so I wouldn't buy from this site. The prices are 35% higher than average. If you won't be satisfied with their replica watch they do offer refund, but they won't refund shipping cost, in plus YOU will have to pay for shipping the watch back, so it's a bit of a gamble to buy their replica products. Rolexreplica123 states that they have 5 years of experience selling replica watches online, however their domain was registered just 1 year ago (2009). There is no way of writing testimonials, so I guess they are fake too (well, if you sell fake watches why wouldn't you fake some customer's reviews:)

Pictures are stolen from Rolex catalogue.

Domain registered in China

Customer Service: There is no phone number to call. They don't have chat support. Email address is not from their domain but from GMAIL (not a good sign), reply to email within 1 day.

Secured shopping cart - No

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Date 04/26/2010

By Edgar

Subject Alabama

I am having a problem with my wrist metal clip. I will try to explain: there a a small round ball like piece that you insert inside the other side of the wrist band to allow the metal to lock in. This morning as I was wearing my watch I noticed that it is not getting locked and it kept falling out of my hand. When I looked closer, I noticed that the small ball is not there. I didn't do any physical activities with the watch nor hit anything with it. This replica dealer won't fix my watch because they say it's my fault!!!


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