Rolex Submariner Replica Review – It’s All In The Details

02/13/2012 00:25

When it comes to luxury watches, there are many that come to mind but one of them ranks above them all. The Rolex Submariner is probably the most famous luxury watch in the world and everybody wants to have one. The first model was introduced in 1954 and it was designed for diving. It didn’t take long for it to become known as a luxury accessory and although it still has an incredible resistance to water pressure, it is mostly known and purchased for the status symbol it represents. The Submariner has a very classy design with nice lines and made with a great care for details; the fact that it costs around $7000 makes it unaffordable for must consumers.

The alternative, a replica watch, is not always a good idea. There are fake watches that look nothing like the real thing with mistakes that wouldn’t fool a 6-year-old. On the other hand, some replicas are done just right and it is easy to tell a good imitation from the bunch.

The perfect way to see what differences are between a replica Rolex Submariner and a genuine model is to take them both and compare them down to the smallest details. These pictures will help you get an idea about how a good replica should look like. Everything has to be exactly the same, the writing on the dial, the size of the numbers, the outline of the hands, everything.

As you can see from the pictures, it is very hard to tell them apart and this is because of the attention to detail. An authentic Rolex Submariner is made from a solid block of steel to ensure perfection and while the replica might not go through the same process, it does look exactly the same. Finding any difference between these two models is almost impossible; I say “almost” because there are some tiny, tiny mistakes. The first one is the location of the crown on the bracelet; it should have been a little bit over the opening. Another difference is the writing on the clasp; it just looks much crisper on the authentic model. The length of the opening part also varies a bit.

The differences are incredibly small but they are there so all in all, this is a very well done Rolex Submariner replica that has almost everything in common with the original.

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