Rolex Lady Datejust – Spot The Difference

12/31/2011 08:59

One of the most iconic watches ever made is the Rolex Datejust; a revolutionary look thanks to the date display. This was the first model to have an automatically changing date display and after more than 60 years, it still is one of the most amazing watches available. While the design might have changed a bit over this period, the Datejust of today looks very much the same as far as style goes. The main difference between the two is that the modern version is usually showered with diamonds and made from rare materials such as gold or platinum.

Replica watches are really starting to improve and it can be a bit difficult to see the difference between one and the original. To get a better idea of this fact, we have here a quick comparison between an original Rolex Lady Datejust and a replica of it. Despite the stones not being as valuable on the replica, the overall look is amazingly similar; finding a difference between the two is quite hard and I really have none to point out. Everything seems to be where it should be and this is quite impressive because fake watches usually have some errors such as the writing or the locking mechanism but this looks pretty much spot on.

The pattern on the display is copied quite well and this replica will surely make some lady happy. Of course, there is a big difference in price but this is the main advantage of buying a knockoff, saving money. The steel seems to be very good and it should last a while. And of course, the date display is there to let people know what Rolex model it is; although this feature was later adapted to most models in the Rolex collection, the first one in the group will always have a special place. 

I guess this model is a good example of how finding a good replica watch is not as hard as some people think. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few that will leave you amazed of what you bought but this looks very similar to the authentic model.

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