Rolex Daytona Replica VS Real

05/09/2011 11:57

Rolex is a name that immediately inspires luxury and exclusivity. A Rolex watch is the symbol of wealth and consumers that own such a timepiece want the whole world to see it. Since a Rolex watch is unaffordable for most people, buying a replica is usually the best option. Replica manufacturers can copy a luxury watch and offer it for a much smaller price; this can sometime result in some small details which aren’t exactly the same as on the original. For a better understanding of this fact, we will compare one of the greatest watches with its replica, the Rolex Daytona.

While looking at the two watches, it is basically impossible to spot any difference between them. Everything seems to be exactly where it’s supposed to and it can be quite difficult to tell the original from the replica. This shows that this is a quality fake and it is a real alternative when buying a watch; not to mention that the difference in price tags makes buying this replica the only suitable decision.

Let’s look further, from different angles and see if there are any differences. After some careful study, you can notice a small difference on the bracelet; more precise, the Rolex crown is doesn’t have the shape, size and position that it should have. Also, it seems that the lock on the bracelet should have been just a bit bigger. Other than that, there really are no more things that could let you know which is which. The only true indicator is the price but only the person who buys it will know the truth, the rest will just assume that this replica is actually an original due to the lack of imperfections which are sometimes found on other watches.




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