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05/27/2010 17:52

PROS: Accept credit card payments. Offer free shipping and 30 days return policy. Very nice, high resolution pictures.

CONS: They have really hard time expressing themselves, but when they do - something strange is coming out. Quote from return policy:

No Deliver:If customers asking for a refund because of their own reasons, such as negligence or later changing the idea and so on, a US$50 service fee will be deducted from the refund amount(This is for transaction fee charged by Credit Card company)

What a lie! It's their site, their return policy and they can invent whatever rule they want, even to charge you extra 1000$ if you refuse to accept the package. Eventually it's up to you to make the decision if you want to trust them and buy from their site. But what they are not allowed to invent is exaggerated credit card company fees. Following this line, nothing should be sold online for less than 50$, because this is what they claim is just the transaction fee.

As a matter of fact, all their return/refund policy is a big joke. You cannot return item if you just don't like it. Dear Replicawatchsell owner, please note that this is the thing with buying stuff online. People cannot touch and feel your product, so at least you could do is to give them the opportunity to return your fabulous product if they find it not as fabulous as you say.

Pictures - authentic replica watches, high resolution pics. Pity that you can see only front of the watch.

Domain registered in Guangzhou, CHINA on 2009.

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Customer Service - offers only email support. No contact phone number or live chat.

Secured shopping cart - No.

Rating: (out of 5 - not recommended)

Summary: This is very simple site and they should keep it simple. Unfortunately Replicawatchsell return policy and above average prices are real turn off.




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