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08/01/2011 15:23


I don’t recommend buying from this website due to a fact that there is no return policy, no warranty and the watches are of very low quality. Here is just one example of their fake Breitling watch compared to authentic timepiece:

As you can see, chronograph markings are way off.

Pictures: Show cheap replica watches with numerous imitation mistakes.

Domain registered: in 2011

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Customer Service: email and chat.

Secured shopping cart: No.

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Topic: Review

Date 01/04/2012

By Piet Fourie

Subject Thieves

I ordered a watch from them, payed for it, but was never delivered. They stopped responding to emails and I never got my goods. A BUNCH OF THIEVES

Date 01/05/2012

By Daniel

Subject Re: Thieves

If you paid for your order with credit card and didn't receive the watch - contact your bank and dispute the charge.

Date 09/07/2011

By niall fahy

Subject Replicawatchesonlineshope

dot buy of these scamers the will not delever there goods or refund they just take your money and tell you shit about it will be there soon
the relpys take days and the answering service is a black hole
dont dont dont buy of these


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