08/03/2011 17:40

Hi RR team, I am contacting yourselves as I am left frustrated after the purchase of a few replica watches, the web company in question is "replicawatcheschina" I bought 3 watches from themselves, one of which the hands fell off after 10 days, the other two were simply of terrible quality, I have after a long drawn out affair got a refund from PayPal but at my return postage expense of £15 & eventually! This company is selling crap. I wish to make it aware to other "possible suckers" not to choose them as a watch replica seller, I have a photo of one of the U-BOAT MSG 55 watches they sold me with the hands fallen off, which made PayPal pay the claim:


I have since used another China firm who sold me a good copy 600m "PlanetOcean" & Box Set for a reasonable $100 the pair, I also bought a U-42 massive 53mm U-BOAT watch, that was of decent quality also, $113 though. The site is called I will be making more purchases from them, maybe their worth some praise on your page!

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