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05/05/2010 13:06

PROS: Accept credit card payments. Huge variety of replica watches brands and models. 180 days service warranty and 14 days refund policy. This is one of most unsophisticated and easy to use sites.

CONS: This site doesn't show you pictures of their replica watches, all you can see are some catalogue pictures, but since they don't sell genuine pieces - the lack of replica watches pictures is pretty worrisome. Replicawatchesbrands doesn't take responsibility if your replica item is seized by customs. Prices are too high and above all - a lot of grammatical mistakes.

Pictures - As I already mentioned there are no pictures of their actual replicas.

Domain registered in Guangzhou, CHINA on 2009.

Associated with -,,,,,,,,,,

Customer Service - offers only email support. No contact phone number or live chat.

Secured shopping cart - No.

Rating: (out of 5 - uncertain)

Summary: I would gladly recommend buying from this site due to good warranty conditions, but their failure to show pictures significantly decrease overall rating.




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