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11/02/2010 17:55

PROS: Accept credit cards, offers refund, even in case you aren't satisfied with the watch. Replacement policy for Japanese replicas is 12 months - this is much more than other sites give. They show short videos for several replicas, which is really nice and unique, but it was really weird watching a two minutes movie without any sound or music.

CONS: will withhold a 20% restocking fee if you receive your watch damaged and opt to return it for refund. Prices are 20% higher than the average.

Funny warranty statement:

Our repair person has found that 9 out of 10 leaks are because of the crown not being screwed down tightly. To this point we have had none of our customer report water damage our watches. Please be aware that we cannot cover water damage due to user error.

 On one hand most of the "leaked" watches gone bad due to customer's mistake of leaving winding crown unscrewed, on the other hand not even one customer complained about this problem. It's not a very bright idea to mask your warranty with Epimenides paradox. In simple English this trick means: "Our watches are waterproof only because nobody ever complained about this problem, but if water will get inside your watch - it's your mistake because you forgot to screw the crown tightly".

Pictures: Look like high quality replica watches, but it seems they are taken from other sites. Some watches point left, others to the right. Usually when online store make pictures of items - all of them are positioned in the same way.

Domain registered: Japan on 2004.

Associated with:

Customer Service: Live chat is available. Reply to email in 24 hours. No contact phone.

Secured shopping cart: No.

Rating:  (out of 5 - not recommended)

Summary: This is a relatively old replica store that offers long term guarantees, but charging a 20% restocking fee in case of refund for broken watches brings its rating really low.


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Date 11/19/2011

By outsider

Subject crap replicas

i bought a replica from them a month ago, a few days later, the watch stopped working,
I had to pay a private company to fix their errors. a manufacturing fault.
the service i received was very poor after my complaint to them.

Date 11/17/2011

By gayle crosby

Subject return and MY REFUND!!!

Jamie Walker you always anwered me before i received this watch WHY may I ask now you don't seem to get messages???? I expect information on my return immediately ! Thank You g. Crosby I had 2 friends who wanted watches but i'm stunned on my return & your policies!!!

Date 12/19/2011


Subject Re: return and MY REFUND!!!

Silly me didn’t see this coming, and I paid before I started to really investigate. No watch No money, think I’ll just forget about it and move along as nobody else is having any luck in retrieving there loss. I can actually afford to buy real Swiss watches and I have several all ready. But I don’t know why I did it. Bunch of ankles.

Date 09/29/2011

By Allan Smith

Subject Received a Watch from Replicahause

Jaime and Rebecca are great, Englishmen and definitely not Chinese, i was able to pick up my watch at their distribution center in the UK and i was very impressed of the service i got.

I will definitely be back again buying from them a lot more.

Date 09/17/2011

By from Canada - aswksv67

Subject site

Hi This site are dishonest and liers!
they rob people from their advertized product - they get your money but do not deliver the product or communicate back to you.
- This guys are swindlers !

Date 08/10/2011

By shawn

Subject They do not uphold their warranty

I bought 2 watches from them, a Tag and a MonBlanc. Both watches leaked like crazy: even going to an indoor pool with igh humidity caused the glass to fog on the inside. The Tag stopped working after about 30 days. I returned it and they simply never fixed it. After an initial response, they simply went dark and ingnored my communications. The Montblanc looked and felt great. After six months I dropped it and it broke (insides came apart). Piece of crap and the warranty is a complete scam.

Date 08/10/2011

By Brian

Subject TOTAL SCAM - Watch breaks every three months and Jamie Walker is shadyyyy

After my watch breaking for the second time in five months I told Jamie to fix it. He suggested that I again pay for $50 for shipping so my watch could be send overseas to be gone for five weeks. So I pay 10% and lose my broken piece of shit watch again for five weeks? Ok no. I requested a refund and this idiot did not comply and insulted the hell out of me. FYI pay with an AMEX. I did :)

Date 06/18/2011

By Raven Berk

Subject happy with purchase

bought from these guys inspite of the reviews posted, i was very happy, Jaime and rebecca are good with support and they actually know stuffs about watches, you don't feel like you're buying off Chinese people, very professional and i will definitely come back again

Date 03/17/2011

By danilo

Subject i can't believe it

i can't believe how this site can still be open...the lords of all must wait ages to receive a package which contains a completly different product.. a 10 euros toy watch...they don't refund, and the also answer blackmailing you...
anyways, this morning i reported everything to the police explaining how the procedure works....stay away from these scammers!!!

Date 02/25/2011


Subject Replicahause Thieves



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