Replica Rolex life span

10/27/2009 10:43

Replica watches are being born in China. Period. Don't let anyone fool you with Italian grade bullshit. Watches are made in tiny Chinese factories located in Guangdong province in south-west of China. Surprise, surprise- Japanese grade replicas are equipped with Chinese made mechanism. Most of the grades are made up long time ago by first online replica retailers and new replica shops that followed were just playing along, but more about it in separate article!

With its Chinese heart beating 60 seconds per minute, new replica watch makes it first move from factory to market. Have you ever seen market in China? It's huge place, more like little city...with labyrinth of tiny streets and passages. There our watch will sit and wait for a buyer, most probably middle man that supplies online replica shops, if you're counting he is already third hand! Then you surfing one of those sites, see picture of this fake watch and several clicks and days later courier will ask you to sign for small package containing this watch. Next day your friends will start wondering how the hell you can afford to buy such expensive ROLEX :)

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