Pay with your credit card

07/15/2010 12:27

In this article I'll explain why it's important to pay with your credit card and not by other offered payment methods like Western Union, Money Gram, Bank transfer...etc when ordering a replica designer watch.

You see, by applying for credit card processing service (and getting a merchant account ID), replica sites get some grade of legitimacy. First of all, only registered companies can get this service. Secondly - payment gateway companies that provide sites with such accounts keep money as reserve (usually 5-10% from sales) in case replica dealers try to rip off customers. This reserve is used to cover credit card payment disputes made by customers, offering you some protection.

If you pay by money transfer and later ask for a refund, it's up to the seller to give you money back or not. The most you can do is file a complaint to Western Union's fraud department and they will put receiver's name on their black list. This might make you feel better, but won't help you get your money back. With a credit card it's a completely different story. If you prove to your bank that you sent a broken replica watch back and the supplier received it, but didn't fix the watch, or send you a replacement or refund - the credit card company will refund your money and charge back this amount from the gateway company, which will recover this figure from the "risk" reserve of the merchant.

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