Omega Replica Watches

09/13/2010 21:47

Like almost all the famous brand watches in the world Omega watches were born also in Switzerland, a land of luxury and great products which are exported all over the world and along with them are also spread values and style which are both related with these watches. If the wrist watches were used 2 or 3 hundred years ago like objects which only show the correct time no matter what shape they had nowadays there are other values more important that the simple function of a regular watch. If you want to posses a watch and in the same time to feel that you own a real jewel and a veritable piece of ingenious architecture you can choose for a Swiss made watch and why not for a genuine or replica Omega watch. Here are some reasons why you will rather do so. People are often curious about the first time where a thing happened, where a thing has been discovered. But have you ever wondered which was the first watch that landed on the moon. It was an Omega watch, even if the name of the brand comes from the letter “omega” from the Greek alphabet, which means the end, it was on the beginning of a brightening future for the Omega company. This experience showed the world that despite the lack of gravity a very well done watch can face even the outer space. So not only that this brand was and still is world wide exported but it also crossed the frontier of time and space. Being a device used by NASA on their moon landing makes this watch brand a remarkable work of art that any watch lover should desire and also brings the brand a touch of importance and high status. The luxury associated with this brand moved along across the years and landed, as many other famous watches factories did, in the world of showbiz and celebrities like George Clooney or Nicole Kidman choose to proudly wear this watches. Also they become a image associated with the character James Bond and they their were part from the political world also as they have been associated with president John F. Kennedy. Some researches among brand watches showed that 7 out of 10 people heard about Omega watch and this type of results enforce once more the idea that they are very well know not only among fans and watch lovers but also among people who do not have necessarily a strong bound with this field.

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