Omega Planet Ocean Replica VS Real

05/25/2011 18:37

Buying a replica watch usually means that you get small imperfections, things that are not really as they should have been. With the help of new technologies and new manufacturers, these differences are becoming smaller and smaller but they do exist. Let’s compare a watch from one of the biggest names in the business, Omega. We took a replica and an original of the Omega Planet Ocean watch to show you exactly what the things that set them apart are and to help you get an idea about what to expect when buying a replica.

From the front, they look almost the same and it is only when you look very carefully that you actually see the difference. The outer bezel is not the same on the replica as it is on the original. The carvings should have been linear and parallel all around the bezel giving the impression of a spinning watch wheel. On the replica, the outer bezel is carved to form curved lines which don’t go all the way. Although it is a hard to notice the difference without a trained eye, the truth is that it is there and it something to consider when buying a new watch.

Turn the watch upside down and you will notice a more obvious difference between the two. The engravings are quite different as far as the finish goes. On the authentic, the Seamaster logo and text are smooth and look very nice while on the replica is not quite like that. The finish on the replica could have been better as far as the back engravings go and you can also notice that the replica has some text which can’t be found on the back of the original; this is usually the other way around.

All in all, the biggest difference between an original Omega Planet Ocean and a replica is the back casing which, to be honest, the manufacturer could have put a bit more work into it. The bottom line is that this is a very well made replica and it will be a great addition to any collection.




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