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07/19/2011 20:13

PROS: Features an extensive collection of knockoff watches, handbags, belts, hats, sunglasses and designer jewelry imitations. Accept Visa and Master Card. Offers refund if you ship the watch back within seven days.

CONS:  You can return the watch for a refund, but you will be charged handling fees (no precise amount is given) plus 20% restocking fee. Warranty is very tricky: they give a one year warranty for the watches, but if you wear the watch – its guarantee will be void.

We offer a Warranty of 1 Year on Watches, 90 Days on Handbags and 30 days on all other goods. We would first like you to email us your problem as many issues can be fixed or adjusted by yourself. If the item needs to be mailed back to us you will be given the mailing instructions.

This warranty does not cover the following:

  Batteries that come inside quartz Replica Watches. The batteries are of standard types and are available everywhere in the world.

  Used or worn items. The Warranty is void if the item was in use. See Returns for more details. Please check carefully all the operations of received item(s), especially Replica Watches before you wear it.

What is the point of the one year warranty, if I can’t wear the watch because this will cancel any warranty? Actually, there is no warranty, because if the watch breaks down in only 10 days, according to these conditions, oldewatches.com has no obligation to fix it!

Pictures: Quality replica watches

Domain registered: 1999 in China

Associated with: superstockmall.com, precisionreplicas.com, hot-replica-bags.com 

Customer Service: live chat, phone support and email.

Secured shopping cart: No.

Rating: (out of 5 - uncertain)

Summary: This replica retailer states that its Japanese Daytona copies chronograph is not functioning, giving evidence of extreme honesty; however the "catch 22" with voided one year warranty overshadows that first good impression.


Topic: Oldewatches.com Review ***

Date 02/28/2012

By Dale

Subject Not so sure about these guys

They have to phone numbers listed and neither one works. Tried emailing them, got on respond from michael, and no follow up. Any advise?

Date 01/26/2012

By Nick

Subject Phone support

I have been trying to call them for 2 days with no luck at all, I get an automated "No one is available, leave a message" but do not get a call back. I am a bit worried about recieving time as they dont offer any shipping info at all. Is a gift and worried I wont recieve in time, after going through with the order, I thought I would get some shipping info at the end but there was nothing! Anyone know how to contact them aside from the useless number that is on their site?

Date 09/09/2011

By Liz Barnes

Subject Opps

Started the ordering process for a Coca-Cola Rolex, ladies size which they said they had via Chat. Then got email saying, opps, no ladies version so I had them cancel my order. Got email back that they would do so, but later my credit card was charged for the watch. I called their phone number as was reassured by Michael, an American sounding man that he would refund my money. Took a couple days, but that was done. Nice to talk to the owner and would buy from them in the future.

Date 08/29/2011

By James Clarke

Subject Hhmmm

I wasn't aware of the restocking fee for a refund when I bought a watch from them. I decided it wasn't really what I wanted, plus it had a few flaws that I couldn't overlook, and asked for a refund and I got a full refund, no restocking fee.

Maybe their policies aren't the same written on their site as in actuality. Besides, saying you can't wear a watch or the warranty is void is stupid for any website, because they can't prove the person has already worn it even if they did without calling them a liar.


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