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11/22/2009 21:12

PROS: Accept credit cards, 30 days refund policy.

CONS: There is just one detailed pictures for each watch. Price is 30% higher that average. Shipping orders takes longer than at other sites.

Pictures look genuine.

Domain registered Netherlands

Associated with - none found.

Customer Service no phone number, no live chat. Replies to email within 2 days

Secured shopping cart - No.

Rating (out of 5 - uncertain)




Date 10/25/2011

By Constanza01


No communication no watch received but have taken my money by a Chinese bank account! really!!??

Date 05/29/2011

By Hot Replicas

Subject Hot Replicas

Highly delighted and thank you Hot-Replica

Date 09/09/2010

By Stefano

Subject this site sucks (continue)

same here. They ignore my emails.

Date 08/30/2010

By kix

Subject this site sucks

this is a horrible website to purchase ANYTHING...i bought a watch in june...received it in july...wasn't happy with it so i returned it and they promised me a refund. they got their ugly watch but i was still out by 400 bucks... u can't reach them. they ask a million and one questions but don't delivery any results. and the sales woman julia who deals with the refunds is a BITCH.

Date 07/27/2010

By Gizzi

Subject who are they

I guess they share the pictures and descriptions with

Date 07/05/2010

By Antonio


They are fraudsters. No watches no money back. No reply by email. Stay far from them!!!

Date 04/22/2010

By Kenny

Subject About my experience with replica watches

I purchased two Cartier watches and one Cartier box in late February 2010. The box was not shipped with the original order and I needed to remind them that it was missing so that I could eventually get it. The ladies Cartier watch's watchband fell apart before I received the box and also before the credit card bill with the charges arrived in my mailbox.

Date 03/02/2010

By Dipali

Subject Hot Replica

I can only speak for myself.

I ordered a Vacheron Constantin, it took a modest three weeks to arrive here in UK.

I was kept informed of progress by email.I paid by visa and my statement arrived approx same time as the watch.

Cost at $145 so expected to pay £100, which came out at £91

A beautiful watch that really looks like it's from Switzerland.

Highly delighted and thank you Hot-Replica


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