History of Rolex

10/10/2009 23:53

Rolex watches are manufactured by Rolex SA - producer company of high end luxury watches. This company was founded by Hans Wilsdorf in 1915, today Rolex brand is one of the largest and most popular wristwatches existing today and it gained this honorable place for a reason. From day one, Rolex company was the source of numerous innovations in watches industry; The first wristwatch with an automatically changing date on the dial (year 1945), The first wristwatch case waterproof to 100m (330 ft) (year 1953), The first wristwatch to show two time zones at once (year 1954) to name just a few. Rolex started selling automatic (self winding) watches in year 1931. This mechanism was powered by the movement of the wearer's hand.

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