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09/02/2011 22:07


PROS:  Site accepts credit cards, including American Express and Discover, as well as Google checkout. Decent photographs of replica handbags,  and a large variety of knockoff purses. They sell designer replica sunglasses and hats. There is no minimum order quantity. Prices are low.

CONS: Extremely high shipping prices. No contact information available other than an email address, and cannot find out who owns the domain as the registration is private. Return policy only exists in the event of damage. If you receive your product and just are not happy with it, there is no recourse. Buyer should thoroughly check your order when you first receive the package. Our responsibility ends when you removed all the plastic wrappings and started using it. We'll gladly ship any missing/broken parts, such as screws. Other than that, there isn't very much more we can do. Since there is no way to check the purchase out without unpacking it, this is a total cop out- basically, your purchase is yours once you get it, satisfied or not.

Very low prices may mean inferior materials and workmanship. Judging by the pictures, these bags are not very good quality.

Shipping problems seem to be pushed off on the buyer.  North America and australian buyers, If your shipment is lost or seized we will reship once at our expense. Please allow up to 2 months for shipping company to verify the status of the package. Buyer from other countires, please be advised that we do not guarantee custom clearance. If package was seized/destroyed by your local custom, we will refund 40% of the package value, and that's all we can do. We will not do reshipment.

Domain registered – Private.

Associated with: fabulousaaa.com, brandfu666.com, kosumobrand.com

Customer Service There is only email support available. No phone numbers are listed, no live chat or IM.

Secured shopping cart: Yes- SSL

Rating: (out of 5 - not recommended)

Summary: Buying from this vendor is not recommended. At first glance, the prices are great—but, you get what you pay for, and in replica designer goods, that low price typically buys only junk. You cannot return your purchase for a refund or replacement if its tacky-looking, and if its lost in the mail or seized by customs, you loose 60% of the price you paid and get nothing in return.


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