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11/09/2009 22:52

PROS: Accept credit cards, pictures of actual watches.

CONS: There are only two detailed pictures for each watch. I found plenty positive customer reviews, but there is no way to write your own feedback which points on questionable reliability of those positive reviews. Shipping cost is overcharged by 30%. Warranty policy is pretty scanty: guarantee coverage doesn't include stem (winding crown) problems which represent approximately 20% of all mishaps with replica watches. Another odd thing is that their rolex replica watches warranty doesn't have any time frame. 

Pictures somewhat puzzling, some of their replica watches pics show 10:10, which is a big No-No! Some pictures look good and others have poor quality.

Domain registered in Port Victoria, capital city of the Republic of Seychelles (small African country)

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Customer Service answer to phone calls and replies to email within 24 hours. No chat support.

Secured shopping cart - No

Rating: (out of 5 - don't buy there)

 I'm always weary of replica watches online dealers that run network of multiple sites. What bothers me the most is the fact that these guys sell same watches for different prices on different sites. It might be also a network of scammers who sell low quality replica rolex watches from their "first line" sites until they got shut down, then they move on to "second line" sites and continue to rip people off.


Topic: Exactwatches.com

Date 10/26/2011

By Henry

Subject Scam

I bought a watch at Exactwatches.com. I paid, received no product and they stopped answering to emails and do not answer or reply to call. Beware!!!!

Date 07/06/2011

By nwanji@gmx.de

Subject watch

I want to buy the jacobs&co-quenttin tourbillon wg 18 karat white gold.do u have or tll me where to buy it.

Date 04/22/2010

By F.

Subject omega

achat d'une omega seamaster le 13/04, reçue le 20/04
l'extérieur est très correct, les finitions sont soignées mais des problèmes importants existent :
1/la lettre O de OMEGA sur le cadran n'est pas du tout alignée avec les lettres MEGA ce qui n'est pas joli du tout
2/ le compteur des heures du chronomètre se décale avec le temps et il faut le remettre à zéro régulièrement (le mécanisme ne doit pas être top)
Bref j'attendais de la recevoir avant de passer une nouvelle commande, je crois que je n'ai pas eu de chance et que je vais essayer un autre site...(je vais quand même essayer de voir avec le service après-vente pour un échange)


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