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07/04/2011 14:39

 PROS: Sells cheap replica watches and tools. Offers free shipping for big orders. Accept Visa and Master Card and Diners Club credit cards. 14 day refund policy and 12 month warranty.




CONS: Most of the products show genuine watch pictures, instead of real replica products. You understand why they hide detailed pictures when you check out their Submariner nr 40166

Rolex never created a Submariner model with this kind of writing. Keep in mind, there is a reason why this retailer sells watches so cheap. 

Pictures: Mix of genuine watches, actual replica pictures and even pictures from authentic watches advertisement.

Domain registered: 2010 in China

Associated with:   watchesfaner.org, watchestype.net, www.pocwatches.org, watchesdoc.org, watchesbasic.org, canwatches.org, watchesfan.com, corwatches.com, pocwatches.com, watchesfaner.com, keepwatches.com, watchesfine.com, watchescode.com, watchestype.com, tagoodlist.com, watchespower.com, watchesmix.com, canwatches.com, appwatches.com, watches-abc.com (some of the sites were closed by Florida court order)

Customer Service: Chat and email support.

Secured shopping cart: No.

Rating: (out of 5 - don't buy)

Summary: When you pay less, you get less. In this case less quality. If you buy replicas from everywatches.com, add a few items from their watch repair tools section; you're going to need them.


Topic: Everywatches.com review *

Date 12/25/2011

By Steve

Subject Scam

I ordered a watch from Everywatch.org over a month ago and never recieved it. After continuously chatting online with a "representative", I was told a replacement would be sent out. Problem is, it's the same bogus tracking number. Doubt i'll see my money or a watch. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE!

Date 12/24/2011

By Tedra

Subject everywatch

I ordered a watch from everywatch.org and I was very satisfied with it. The quality was great and it was exactly if not better than what the picture displayed. I am very pleased.


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