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11/01/2011 10:44

PROS: Offers 100% refund if the watch is not working. Shows actual imitation watches pictures.

CONS: To check their payment options, I tried to place a test order. They do accept Visa card, which is great, but my order number is 162, which means that this retailer is very new on the market. There is only one front picture for each watch and it’s hard to tell how good this replica is. The warranty period is only 60 days – much shorter than other stores.
Pictures: Only one front picture for each model. Detailed pictures are missing, which makes it difficult to tell if all the necessary markings are where they should be.
Domain registered: 2010 in USA.
Customer Service: There is an USA contact phone number and email address, but judging by the multiple mistakes on the website text, don’t expect easy communication with the support. It is clear to see that they didn’t put a lot of effort into making this website.
Secured shopping cart: Yes
Rating:  (out of 5 - uncertain)
Summary: This site just recently started to sell replicas and due to grammatical errors in almost every sentence, it doesn’t looks like it is very professional.

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