Chopard Replica Watches

09/17/2010 12:48

Like many other brand watches that were born in Switzerland the Chopard watches are known not only for the incredible structure, for the well polished features or for the quality of the materials but especially for the movement inside. Chopard was first of all an innovative watch with a brand new mechanism specially created for this type of watches which was different from the mechanisms that were used when Chopard launched it’s first model. The interesting part of the process of creating these model is that they were imagined at the beginning as pocket watches and not wrist watches. This may be considered a sign showing the way in which an idea evolved according with people needs, fashion  and also the development of the competitors. Like on any other market you have to change even the main idea that gave birth to the very product in order to be ahead of times and to fulfill customers needs. The Chopard watches are often seen as fancy watches as they use diamonds in order to decorate the dial or the band so they are often associated with femininity, fashion and style. They are also one of the first watches which showed the world that leather bands are a good choice because they are comfortable, very easy to use and they also look good on your hand. But in the Chopard collection your will also find solid stainless steel bands as this brand is also most synonym with diversity and always manage to design products for all tastes adding something from the glam touch which define their concept. Another element of diversity is represented by the association with The Cannes Film Festival which begun in 1998 and from that moment each ear, on each festival opening a new model, with a brand new structure and features was launched. This kind of publicity not only added more customers and public attention but some sort of prestige. And speaking about prestige and fame Sharon Stone is one of the famous actress who wears this incredible watch. But Chopard it is not only about shining and red carpet, Chopard has also contributed to the development of medical research, taken part in different charitable events and helped a number of foundations, including the Elton John AIDS Foundation and has continuously cooperated in fight against AIDS which is not a commun thing to do among luxury watch brands. 

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