Cheap replica VS high quality replica watch

01/11/2010 23:05

There are a few tell tale signs that will help you identify high quality replica watches:

1) Crystal - Genuine watches as well as good replicas come with scratch proof sapphire crystal. You won't be able to scratch it with, for instance a key. Cheaper replica watches have mineral crystal which can be scratched, while low end replica watches have simple glass so it's a matter of time till scratches will appear. Rolex Submariner, Datejust, GMT Master, DayDate, and Explorer II replica watches have x2.5 magnifier over the date aperture. Another Rolex feature that is difficult to replicate is laser etched crown over 6 o'clock marking. If you see this crown easily with naked eye - this means that it's poor replica.

2) Screws - Quality replica watches come with screws in the band links as opposite to pins in low quality fake watches.

3) Back Cover - This feature is strictly for Rolex Replica Watches. Rolex never manufactured model with see through (transparent) or engraved back covers (with rare exceptions). Other brands like Breitling and Omega do have engraved covers, here is an example:

Always try to search the internet for pictures of genuine models before purchasing replica watches, so that you know what markings and engravings should be there.

4) Water Resistance - Check if there is an O-ring in the threads of the winding crown. Don't expect replica watches to be waterproof. Nobody checks knockoffs in a pressure chamber like original brands do, but at least there should be this component to prevent water leaking inside the watch when you wash your hands.


5) Daytona Chronograph Replica - Low (Chinese) and medium quality (Japanese) replica watches with chronograph on their dial, don't function like genuine watches. Subdial hands do move, but they don't feature the same functions. Chrono movement is pretty complicated, so for $60-$130 price range it's just not possible to use that kind of mechanism. Swiss replica watches with ETA (Swiss made) movement do come with fully functioning chronograph sub-dials.

6) Gold Plating - Only two tone Swiss replica watches come with gold plated links and case. Don't be naive about other replica gold plated models. They come with gold color that can fool people from a one meter distance or if you just flash your watch from under the sleeve. Chinese and Japanese gold plated replica watches won't pass close inspection. You can see straight away that it's not gold.

7) Stainless steel - There are over 150 grades of stainless steel, of which fifteen are most common. Replica watches factories use three grades for band manufacturing. First one is the cheapest - a hollow stainless steel band. It is so light that you can immediately tell that the watch is a fake. Second, a stainless steel alloy used for replica watches is 316L, which you will find on most Japanese replicas. The weight is very similar to stainless steel bands used for authentic watches. Top quality and identical to stainless steel used in real watches is 440 - one of the hardest stainless steels available. Swiss replica watches should be made with this kind of alloy.


There are many more distinctive features that can help in distinguishing between high quality replica and cheap imitations. I mentioned just the important and the most obvious ones. Remember that you're buying ~$120 imitation that can never live up to the standard of authentic watches, so don't bother yourself with too many details. For example many replica customers wonder if their replica has serial numbers between the lugs... Nobody will see this serial number without dismantling the band, so relax! Let me repeat myself, read my guide for the most important tips and search Google for pictures of the genuine model: this way you will know all the necessary markings so you can compare it with replica watches sites. Good Luck!



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