Cartier Santos Lady Replica VS Real

06/24/2011 15:01

A quick comparison between a Cartier Santos Lady replica and the original will let you know exactly how similar these two watches are. Let’s start by saying that the job did on this replica is superb and that at first glance, you can’t see any difference between the two. Take a closer look and you will notice that the display of the replica is missing the word “Automatic”.

Second most obvious difference here is actually on the back of the watch. The text you will find on the replica is not like the one found on the original, there is some information missing. Also, the design on the back of the watch is not exactly the same as the design on the original. You can notice that the biggest difference between the replica and the original is still basically insignificant; the text on the back can rarely be seen and it is not a real inconvenience.

If we take a look at the two models from the side, there is a small difference with the winding stem; it is not perfectly aligned with the casing. Of course, this can only be seen if you look at it with a magnifying glass or very closely, otherwise it will go unnoticed.



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