Cartier Santos 100 Men XL Replica VS. Real

08/02/2011 11:26

Have you ever wondered what exactly are the differences between a replica and an original luxury watch? Now you can find out from a quick comparison exactly what sets them apart; the smallest details are compared and noted in order to let consumers know what they should expect from a replica and in order to help them understand that buying a replica can sometimes be a great deal. Comparing a Cartier Santos 100 Men XL original with its replica brother is pretty difficult due to the great similarity, nevertheless here are the differences you can expect when buying an imitation.

The display is incredibly similar and you actually need a closer look to see the first difference. The “SWISS MADE” writing on the bottom of the display is a bit different; not really a big problem but we want to show you all the things that are not exactly the same. Also, the stone on the crown is a bit different; it should have been flatter and not so big. The other side is a bit too round and not as smooth as on the original.

As it is with most replicas, the back is the one has the most differences. In this case, you will notice different styles in the text, different placements and most important, the replica doesn’t have the serial number found on every original. Another difference in writing can be found on the back of the clasp; again, these are not very obvious differences but they are there and they need to be taken into consideration.




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