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11/22/2009 20:47

PROS: Accept credit cards, 14 days refund policy.

CONS: These guys don't show real pictures of their watches so I wouldn't buy from this site. The prices are so low that it raises serious question if the quality of their replicas are as high as they claim.

Pictures are stolen from Rolex catalogue.

Domain registered in China

Customer Service: There is no phone number to call. Live chat banner is there but most of the time offline. Email address is not from their domain but from GMAIL (not a good sign), replies to email within 1 day.

Secured shopping cart - No

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Date 08/13/2010

By Sarah

Subject disappointed customer

I bought Breitling replica as a gift to my husband. When I opened the package step of the watch came off. Hope canwatches will fix it, will keep you posted.

Date 06/30/2010

By anonymous

Subject broken crown

Gorgeous replica Rolex with all bells and whistles but crown came broken. I thought it would be easy based on their return policy to return it for another one. NO WAY. They respond to all e-mails in nonsensical ways, asking for pictures, asking me to watch a video, telling me how bad they feel but never ever giving me a return address! Finally turned it over to my credit card company as fraud and found out that they require a return address so you can mail the item back before they (the credit card company) will give a refund. Obviously canwatches knows this.

Date 06/21/2010

By dylan

Subject poor service

Do not buy from this website. They will steal your money and not deliver the goods as promised. I ordered 4 watches and only reeived 2. Getting a refund for the 2 watches has been impossible. I also had to wait almost 3 months for the watches to arrive.


Date 06/12/2010

By Andy


Both of these watches are of fantastic quality and very pleased with the finish.i will be buying again .They may take a week or so but worth the wait.

Date 04/26/2010

By Michel

Subject Broken band

I just got the watch and the band is broken. I took it to a watch repair store today and they told me that he can't fix it. this is very disappointing since I've waited this long to receive it and this is the condition it came in. Obviously I need a new watch sent out again. I'm very unhappy with this. I'm waiting for canwatches reply on how they are going to fix this situation.

Date 04/03/2010

By steelers

Subject breitling

I ordered a breitling for benltley from this site. it took
almost 2 months to get, but it is a nice looking watch and
it fools everyone so far!

Date 03/23/2010

By anonymous

Subject watch out

These Chinese company does not deliver as they promise. Their product is not as advertised and their return policy impossible. BUYER BEWARE!

Date 02/28/2010

By Anonymous

Subject my order

I've ordered 2 watches last December. They arrived very fast, but what a disappointment! The watches were not as described and I had really hard time to get refund from


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