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06/19/2010 12:44

PROS: Accept credit cards, offers refund policy, but don't mention what is the time frame for refund option.

CONS: If you choose to return the watch for refund, there is 10$ restocking fee. Return policy link is visible only on items pages, so I had really hard time funding it. They do offer refund, replacement or repairs, but they never say when the warranty is void so it's free for interpretation by their support service.

Pictures: Most of the pictures are taken from real watches catalogs, others are very small so you cannot see details clear.

Domain registered in USA on 2009.

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Customer Service answer to phone calls; replies to email in 12 hours. Live chat is always on.

Secured shopping cart - No.

Rating:  (uncertain)

Summary: Prices for their replica watches are higher than average, but taking in consideration that shipping is free - one compensate for the other. Site layout is simple, but nice and very easy to navigate. If would show pictures of what they actually sell and make return policy more clear I would gladly recommend them.



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