11/10/2011 09:07

I recently got a replica watch online from and although I may be new to the whole replicas concept, I still can’t believe how bad it is. Of course I knew that the replica watch may have some flaws and from what I read online, there aren’t many stores that can offer a perfect copy of the original model; it would seem that I wasn’t lucky enough to find one of those stores and instead I got a very cheap looking watch and is not far away from a plastic one. For the $169 I paid for it, I was at least hoping to resemble to original model because that site said that they offer 100% precise replicas for an affordable amount; it would seem that is enough to catch rookies such as myself. The reason I even wanted a replica watch was because I saw one at a friend and it looked amazing; when I complemented him on his luxury watch, he said that it is actually a replica watch. I simply had to get one. When I showed him my cool new watch he started laughing and said that there are not all the same quality. He showed me numerous flaws that I didn't notice at first. I wonder if I can send my replica back.

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