Better Replica For Less Money

09/06/2011 10:40

Here is an email I've got from one of the visitors. He has a great point there:

For what it’s worth, you should mention that many (all those I checked) of these sites require you to return your damaged/unsatisfactory watch to their warehouse/headquarters in China.  In the one case I tested (using UPS cost calculations) the total cost for a return is $145.00 shipping and a $30.00 restocking fee (  Even if you replace the original, your total watch price is now over $700.00…; double that and you can almost buy a good used Rolex that’s been cleaned/overhauled/checked out and has a decent warranty.  Something your readers should consider.

All the negative comments on your site reviews (and the lame Customer Service replies) have convinced me none of these websites are worth doing business with.  For about $150.00 I can buy a verifiable ETA Swiss movement (2824-2) and drop it into a reclaimed Rolex case and have a much better “replica” for less money, not to mention the risk of dealing with someone in China.


Thanks for letting me comment; your site was most helpful to me in making my decision.

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