Audemars Piguet – The Replica With Big Mistakes

04/12/2012 15:18

Although Audemars Piguet is not as popular as other watch manufacturers, the name represents some of the most prestigious timepieces on the market. There is a certain elegance that comes with this style and makes them unique. It is a worthy rival for the big names; it comes with a long history and a good popularity amongst celebrities so it is to be expected that replica manufacturers have taken an interest in some models. A quick comparison of a fake watch with its authentic cousin will show what to look for when buying one of these timepieces.

The specific model we can see here is a Jules Audemars Tourbillion that is worth more than $200.000. While the replica doesn’t have so many zeroes on the price tag, the resemblance has to be very high for it to be considered a good copy. The problem is that there are some issues that shouldn’t even exist. One of the main differences is the writing on the dial, more precisely, the fact that it's written chmonograph instead of chronograph. This is not a mistake that can just go unnoticed. Since we are talking about the writing on the display, there is no “Swiss Made” on the replica.

Another difference between the two can be found in the design of the secondary dials. I find it quite amusing that one of them is marked with 15 and 31; the latter must have been made as a joke amongst the manufacturers. Also, the size of the small dials isn’t the same and one of them actually takes away part of the VIII mark.

Maybe the main thing that stands out is the tourbillion. Although it is a big focus on the authentic watch, the copy doesn’t seem to follow through with the same design.

Other concerns are with the low quality materials used to make the fake watch and there are stains that can be seen when looking close. This is quite common for replicas and it isn’t usually noticed from a regular distance.

As a small closing difference, the design on the seconds hand is not right; it should have been thinner and longer.

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