Ask the Right Questions

04/19/2011 20:30

Before placing your order for a replica watch ask the following questions and judging by the retailer's answers you will be able to tell what kind of a website he is running:

1) Do your replica watches come in solid gold?

- No. A solid gold watch will cost you much more than any replica sold online today. If the retailer promises solid gold, he is lying.

2) Do the chronograph dials work on Japanese replicas?

- This is a really tricky question and most of the sites will tell you that they are functioning. You see, automatic mechanism watches with functioning chrono are very expensive. Only Swiss replica watches have working chrono and that's one of the reasons for higher cost. Japanese replica sub-dials do function, but not like the ones in genuine timepieces. Actually the right question should be "Do chronograph dials of Japanese imitation watches work exactly like in genuine watches?" The correct answer would be - No.

3) Are the watches waterproof?

-If the site sells quality replicas, they will say that the watches are water resistant (because they have rubber seals in the right places). However, nobody checks the watches for water leaks, so don't take your fake Seadweller deep under water. It can dwell only on land :)

4) Can I get a refund if the watch is not a good replica or comes damaged or broken?

- If the answer is no, then stay away. If you can't get a refund, you might end up in vicious circle of sending bad watches back and forth until you give up.


That's it for now. I will update this article when I will have more time.

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