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03/25/2011 12:56

PROS: Accept Visa and Master Card. Offers many exclusive brand replicas.

CONS:  This is another of those "open today, will be closed in few month" cheap websites. Amywatches takes "cheap" even one step further. They don't bother to scan catalogue pictures of genuine watches. All the pictures from this site are taken from commercials for real watches. As usual, wth these kind of sites there are scores of "sister" sites waiting to take place of older syster.

Pictures: All of the pictures are not even stolen from catalogues, but taken from various watches advertising banners.

Domain registered:  February 2011 in China

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Customer Service: Only email and offline chat support is available.

Secured shopping cart: None

Rating: (Don't buy)

Summary: Why should anyone buy replica products when seller shows only beautiful pictures of genuine watches and there is no picture of actual fakes that he sells?




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