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06/20/2010 00:26

PROS: Site accepts credit card payments. There is a wide range of merchandise available from the site, including Swiss and Japanese replica watches, jewelry, handbags, cell phones, and accessories. Site offers a warranty of six months on Japanese replica watches and twelve month for Swiss ETA movement replicas. They offer a 10 day refund policy if not happy with your purchase. No restocking fees. Customer service from New York.

CONS: Some site copied their website and it can create a bit of confusion, so pay attention to URL - not to get ripped off. Many of the accessory and jewelry descriptions are not very detailed. There are limited photographs in the jewelry category.

Secured shopping cart: - Yes.

Pictures Good quality pictures taken up close. It is easy to see every detail of the replicas by looking at the series of photographs from every angle possible. The photos make it easier to tell the quality of the replicas you are purchasing from the website.

Domain registered: China

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Customer Service: The site offers customer service by phone call and emails. There is also live chat that offers instant assistance, even when business hours are over for the day.

Rating:  (out of 5 - recommended)

Summary: Straightforward policies, no restocking fee for returns, reasonable prices and customer support by email chat and phone makes this one of the highly recommended replica sites.



Date 06/24/2012

By mike

Subject very good customers service

extremely impressed .Thank you.

Date 04/27/2012

By Herb


Is not working at least right now for some reason...

Date 04/07/2012

By Nate

Subject Very Impressed So Far...

I just ordered from a week ago and so far have been extremely impressed with this company. They send email's every other day asking if I have any concerns and even sent an email saying that shipping would be delayed due to a Chinese holiday. Normally I would suspect that this was just an excuse but low and behold, they were being truthful (turned out to be the Qing Ming Festival!). We'll see when I actually get my order but up to this point, very happy.

Date 04/16/2012

By Mr. A

Subject Urgent... I am not pleased at all ...

Did they provide you with a tracking number for the shipment of your watches ???? ...
I am still waiting since more than 25 days and till today they are always sending me the same thing .. apologies and confirmation that they will send the package within the coming couple of days ... and this thing is still going on .. for more than 20 days ... Just take care guys .. I bought the watches because of the reviews in this web site ... I will provide you with all the details later on .. and will explain to you their methods in buying extra time till you realize that .. IT WAS A BIG SCAM ,, just I will wait couple of days before reporting their web site ..

Date 04/17/2012

By Julia

Subject Re: Urgent... I am not pleased at all ...

Dear Mr.A,

Could you provide me with an order ID number and I'll contact you personally with the details regarding your order.

Thank you

Date 03/27/2012

By Margo

Subject back with update

The Datejust I received it 5 days ago is good working. My husband is more than delighted to have's looking great, couldnt find any flows. Shipping takes about 9 days to Spain and the watch came very well packed. The only problem I had, I had it with my bank, my card was declined few times, I thought because of insufficient founds, but no, it was the bank, I needed it to authorize the online payment. Customer service very ok, they keep me updated with e-mails about status of my order all the time, very professional people. I have ordered from, but the order has been confirmed as received also by chat support... many thanks to this site for recommendation .

Date 03/20/2012

By Nyck1026

Subject Omega watch

Hi againg. I'm confused . Wich one it's the real website. anybody bought any omega or Cartier replica from them. Thanks guys.

Date 03/24/2012

By Herb

Subject Re: Omega watch

The real ones are
I ordered from them all good no problem

Date 03/24/2012

By Herb

Subject Re: Re: Omega watch


Date 03/20/2012

By Nyck1026

Subject Omega sea master

Hi, I want to buy an omega watch from this site. Anyone has buy any omega from them. I only read about Rolex . Thank guys,


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